Best American History Movies for 4th of July

The American Revolutionary War wears many faces. By that I mean that there are many stories, not all of which portray the colonists in the rosy glow we Americans tend to imbue them with. We've been guilty in the US of teaching revisionist and one-sided historical perspectives. We've let our militant patriotism blind us to flaws in our country. Here's a list of American history and Revolutionary War films provides a more honest, multidimensional view. Best American History Movies to Watch for 4th of July

Free Printable Disney Tangled, Rapunzel Fairy Tale Coloring Pages

Watching the previews for the newest Disney princess movie Tangled tells me that this isn't going to be your average boy meets girl, fall in love Disney cartoon. Tangled is not your mother's sweet little fairy tale Rapunzel, no ma'am. This one is tough and savvy; even her hair has an attitude. And the title is so wonderfully farcical: Tangled. Well, I suppose Disney couldn't call it Hair (that's a schmaltzy musical from Great Britain).  Free Printable Disney Tangled Coloring Pages

Free Printable Free Birds, Angry Birds, Chicken Little, Rio, Chicken Run Coloring Pages

"Free Birds"--an avian cartoon of epic fun--is garnering fans of all ages. My 22-year-old son and his girlfriend loved it! Do your nestlings squawk with glee watching Reggie, Jenny, Jake and the chicks try to evade Thanksgiving? Then flap on over for free printable Free Birds movie coloring pages, online games and crafts and other bird-themed goodies. What's not to love about a movie voiced by Owen Wilson, Amy Poehler, Woody Harrelson and George Takei? Free Printable Free Birds Movie Coloring Pages

Must-See Movies to Watch (or Watch Again) This Summer, 90 Day Film Countdown

One of our summer traditions is to watch a movie at night, when it gets dark. During the hectic school year, we usually can't indulge. Here is my list of must-see or must-see-again films. This list is titled adult films, although some may be suitable for older children. My list covers 90 films: one for every night of summer. The movies aren't listed in any order, nor do these films need to be watched in any order. Genres include action/adventure, chick flicks, drama, comedy, classics, war, fantasy and suspense/horror. Note this was written in 2009 so only includes films up to that point. 90 Days of Summer Countdown: Adult Movies to See This Summer

Literature Based Films on War History for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a good time to explore literature about patriotic themes, War history and American history. here are books suitable for children or adults. some issues are very mature but then war is a serious subject. use these in your history classes or social studies lessons. I've included some printable guides to help. War History Films

Historical Memorial Day films for Families

Memorial Day is all day is about picnics parade putting flowers on grave and celebrating. But when the sun goes down maybe you want films suggestions to watch with your family. Read on for a list of war history Memorial Day films that will help you explore this holiday.

Free Printable Spiderman 2 Coloring Pages, Crafts, Activities

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 wowed audiences opening on May 2, 2014. Marvel's mutant spider superhero is back for high-flying rescues. If you love Spiderman, how about free printable activities featuring your hero? Are your Spidey senses tingling? Read on for links to Spider-Man coloring pages, clipart, games, puzzles, crafts and lesson plans.  Free Printable Amazing Spider-Man 2 Coloring Pages, Crafts, Games

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